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Top 10 Best Laptops Brand 2012-2013

 1.      APPLE:

          Apple is counted amongst the most famous and renowned technology brands on international level. This brand has made a huge place in the technology market by highlighting their phones, gadgets and laptops. They normally have termed their laptops as Mac Books. The major difference between the Apple and other brand of laptops reflects in their features that differentiate it from other laptops. They have always introduced slim and smart laptops that are usually small in size as well. They can be easily carried from one place to another with any difficulty. The Apple has even launched their Mac Book Laptop series in two types including the Mac Book Pro and Mac Book air. However, as being on the top number the laptop is also extremely expensive and costly as well as compare to all other laptop brands. This increased popularity and fame amongst the people adds up the Apple Laptop brand on the top number ranking of top ten laptop brands of 2012.

2.      LENOVO:

            On the second ranking list we have the Lenovo in the top ten laptop brands in 2012. This brand also deals in serving their fans with just the laptops and gadgets. This brand belongs to China that has introduced new and fresh changes in the world of technology with the artistic and creative technology designs. They even introduced a Notebook form of laptop that also won the best technology award for constantly three years.  Idea Pad is also another brand that works in collaboration with the Lenovo. The main aim and intention of the Lenovo is to present the laptops with finest features and yet the stunningly designed body structure and this quality add this brand in the favorite laptop brands in the whole world.

3.      ALIENWARE:

                  Alienware is the third most best and famous laptop brand in 2012. This brand is just known for its structural fascinating laptops. When we see the laptops for the first time then it seems like it is build from solid but it appears to be quite lighter and slim in just one watch. If you are using the desktop computers and wants to get switch on to some laptop that is portable and reliable then there could be no more perfect alternative except Alienware. The LED screen of the laptop reflects bright and energetic colors. The keyboard of the laptop also reflects down bright lights in the absence of the light in the room or in darkness. In addition, you can also select different screen tones according to your own choice and this is the just quality that stands out this laptop brand on the third ranking of the best laptop brands of the world.

4.      ASUS:

     On the fourth ranking we have the Asus brand that has been all the time remained forward for its laptops introduction for the people. It is based upon a Taiwan company that highlights artistic and creative laptops. They have recently introduced Notebooks that were increasingly loved by the people because of it’s enhance features and easiness. They have newly launched two best laptop brands with the title of 1018P and 1016P that have made a huge popularity amongst the people. Their laptops are always on the top list for the screen availability in view of the color contrasts. The battery system of the laptop also last for maximum time spell i.e. for 10 hours. The actual weight of their laptops is always 1.3 pounds that is slim and lighter. It is just due to the attractive features and superior magnitude that adds this brand on the fourth ranking of top laptop brands of 2012-2013.

5.      SONY:

         Sony is one of the renowned and popular companies in the whole world. This brand is just known for its reliable and efficient technologies and gadgets. It is Japanese brand that certainly does not accompany any form of introduction. This brand has always believed in design, innovations filled with supreme aspects. Sony laptops are desirable in the whole world because their laptops are entirely different from other brands and this made it utmost wish for the people to get their laptops. They have normally title their laptops as “Vaio” and its series laptops with TT, Z and SR are considered to be much favorite for the people. Each time they add something out of ordinary and special features in their laptops and this includes this brand on the fifth position of the top best laptop brands in 2012-2013.

6.      GATEWAY:

                 Gateway is another most known and recognized laptop brand in the whole world. It is a California Company that has made a huge name in the technology market in just minimum time period. Freshly, they have introduced the M255-E Notebook as the form of laptop that is lighter in weight and also comprises the slim body structure as well. This laptop is much high in performance because of its features and skills. Every single model that is introduced by this brand has always gained appreciation by the people because it seems to be pleasing to watch and quite affordable and effortless in functioning as well. The everlasting battery and characteristics of the laptops includes this brand on the sixth ranking of the top ten laptop brands in 2012-2013.

7.      TOSHIBA:

              On the seventh number we reached the Toshiba world. Toshiba does not need any introduction as every single home in this world would definitely comprise the appliances or the technologies of Toshiba. This brand is just known for its quality and finest features. One of the most attractive and eye catching noticeable technologies of Toshiba revolve around the laptops. They have always tries their best in showing something unique and different in the shapes of the laptops and this factor certainly reflects in their every model. They have always won the hearts of millions of people just by their laptops and this quality adds this brand in the list of top ten laptop brands of 2012-2013.

8.      HP:

         On the eighth number we have the Hewlett Packard that is famously known as HP. This brand is one of the trusty names in the whole world. In all the technology appliances Hp has accounted something new and latest for the people. Their laptops are always gained massive words of appreciations because of its slim styles and stylish body structure. They even filled their laptops with top excellent features and characteristics as well that helped them in gaining the attention of maximum people. It is just because of their laptops that have accounted such a reputation in the market.

9.      DELL:

          Dell is another most well established technology brand in the world. This brand is just famous for its laptops and nothing else. They trust in serving their customers with efficient laptops and that too on reasonable rates as well. They include and design laptops separately for the home and office use. Their laptop series of Studio XPS and Studio has gained huge acknowledgment and approval from the whole world. They also add something fresh and interesting features every single time so that it grabs down the attention of maximum people and this quality add this brand on the ninth ranking of top ten laptop brands in 2012.

10.  ACER:

        On the final stage of the tour we reach the tenth ranking that ends with the Acer laptop brand. This brand is a Taiwan brand that ahs even made a huge place in the United States as well. They grant their gigantic attention to the body and styling of the laptop. There laptops are always love to watch but unfortunately they doesn’t accompany much fascinating features for their laptop and this quality includes it on the last best laptop brands in 2012-2013.

On the whole after the brief discussion on the top ten best laptop brands it is concluded that all the brands has filled up their laptops with some of the superior and enhancing features that ranked their laptop brands in the top ten list of 2012. All such laptops are stunningly designed interiorly and exteriorly as well. Well that was the list of top ten laptop brands for 2012 and next year again one more time a new and fresh list will be emerged and let’s see which laptop brand will then rule down at the number one. We hope you would have enjoyed the ride to the technology world. Just rush now and get the laptops from one of such brands and we are sure that you will fall in love with the laptops.

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