Monday, 21 January 2013

Fair Skin Make Up Style For Girls 2013

If person has the darker complexion and he/she wants to get the fair skin then person should read this article. It’s the dream of every person especially females to get the fair skin. In this article we will discuss that how to get fair skin at home? The most important way that person get the fair skin is that person should use the various natural products. The best thing about the natural products is that they have no adverse and serious side effects. Now we will discuss simple and effective home treatments in order to get the fair skin. The simple and effective home treatments are as follows:

   1. In order to get fair skin, person should apply lemon juice to his/her skin on the daily basis. Lemon juice is considered to be quite acidic so person should test it on his/her small part of the body like hand. If person face no adverse and serious reaction then person can use it all over. Moreover, lemon juice removes the dead layer of the skin in order to reveal the new and lighter skin.
   2. Secondly, person can also get the fair skin by using the cucumber juice on his/her skin. This juice includes the natural whitening as well as brightening properties in order to lighten the skin. Cucumber juice is considered to be very good especially around the eyes.
   3. In additionally, if person wants to get fair skin then person should include effective and natural ingredients such as grapefruit juice, vitamin C, orange juice and lime juice.

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