Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Top 10 Bedroom Designs 2013

But if you want to increase beauty of you bedroom, there are ten simple and fast ways to provide it improve by using accessories, paint and furniture of bedroom.

1. Wooden Bedroom

Do you want to make the new look of your room? You want to put your space with stylish and modern design, so for this purpose you have the several kinds of items to considered and decorative items as well. When it comes to decorating rooms, the most vital thing you require to plan the bed design and what to bring. After reviewing the different beds types, says your spouse to buy a bed of wood. There’s a lot more loving wooden beds, you need the reason for these beds popularity.

Well, there is nothing wrong with the investigation of the factors that explain the popularity of wooden bedroom furniture. However, it can be difficult to count them for you and list the lots of factors that do an important role in the production of popular wood. If it’s your room, its elegance and brilliant you cannot ignore. The wood was very popular with older people and is still a favorite of the elite class.

2. Italian Bedroom Design

The collection of furniture from Italian golf Colombini design for the house has a modern room spectacular designs and motifs. After these pictures I can just sense of respect of these beautiful pieces designer. Italian furniture design have been running the affairs of the furniture industry in the world for many generations. The colors are up to perfection, mixed careful placement and there is a real sense of the integrity of each. Thus Italian bedroom furniture with modern style is well admired by several homeowners. Interior design for children create your design ideas for the space in your child’s room just as much attention as the design and even other areas of the house should be considered.

3. Silver Bedroom Design

Silver Bedroom furniture is presented in different metallic finishes, with brushed nickel. Consider buying a metal bed frame silver or much subtle effect, you will find comfortable handles the details of metal or other metal. If you want an old chest of drawers or renew, can be painted with a metallic color.

4. Bonaldo Bedroom

Ready for some pieces of Italian inspiration? The work shows the furniture manufacturer Bonaldo HD today. The portfolio includes few superb pictures of rooms that recall fairy tales memories. As we’re all a little skeptical of the rooms overlooking the infinite space, incredibly impressive, what in the catalogs, but hey, that’s nice! The designers have serious beautification Bonaldo are here with his modern interpretation of the rooms creates a clear distinction by horizontal lines, tissues and class accents.

5. Hot n Red Bedroom

Red is considered the color of passion, vitality, and even love. No doubt, the vivid colors and the most sensitive and where it does not integrate limited. Whether fashion or interior design, red is a favorite around here, and we can see how you effectively in new and modern forms can be integrated into the room. And if you agree with the red is the color of passion and love, then it is very good for your bedroom.

6. Modern, Colorful Bedroom

with others We share our home, but the room is still as a personal place. It is a area where we can set our own taste, we can preserve your memories and heart ornaments, which hang portraits being loved, and where we resort to when we need a little rest in the outside world. The modern rooms, according to the various colors, personalities and functions. We think our readers will find a little of yourself in some of them. Or at least some ideas for your own private sanctuary on the way …

7. Simple Geometric Shapes Bedroom

Although it is probable that you can not renovate the existing design of your room to reflect the geometric patterns of fashion, there are many ways into your room to incorporate this trend. Search geometric patterns on the mirrors, beds and for your design several basic accessories. Mirrors of a pair of style and palette of white and black, but also with any moderate or dramatic color palette are combined so that the mirror of a wide range of accessories.

Obviously, the bedroom pattern of geometric style is not limited to the mirror. To search for any updates to interior design for clean lines and simple geometric conformation.

8. Naturalist Interior Design Bedroom

If you are looking to transform itself for a different idea of interior design to your bedroom, you should consider naturalistic conceptions of spatial design. With the “green” design movement, in Art Deco style several natural materials are very popular, which have all the things from sustainable and some materials like bamboo tiles and natural stone walls, pebbles or houses. The inclusion of naturalistic conceptions of spatial design can be simpler than you think synthetic leather, natural stone and applying natural lighting is a way to save on energy costs.

9.  Single Bedroom

Defined for a single room, an explosion of color such as dark pink or orange beds to make it fashionable. If you like to paint the walls with bright shade of purple cushions can be customized to emphasize the distinction.

10. Stylish Bedroom

For a stylish facility, add a decorative lamp. The furniture and decorating things should stick clean and simple, with plane elements as like stylish and geometric patterns.

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