Monday, 21 January 2013

MakeUp Tips For Wide Set Eyes | Girls

After the teasing job of the whole all the people get tired to any job on the holiday but the women are worried that they must be a little prepared on even holiday. They have no extra time for the routine makeup and neither want to be prepared in such a way as they got ready in routine days. So here we have solution in the form of the holiday makeup tips for the wide set eyes. There are so many ways to get the eyes set wide by the makeup but h the easiest and best tips to get the wide set eyes are here given. No doubt that the eyes are the most beautiful part of the body and they play a great role in the whole beauty so each and everyone has to pay attention to them. Here look at the makeup tips for the wide set eyes.

    * If there are dark circles under the eyes then first of all apply concealer on them.
    * Now apply the eye shadow on the eyes of the light medium shades. The best shades for the eye shadows are pink, peach and light green.
    * Now apply a dark shadows in the inner sides of the eyes with much care. Smudge a lighter eye shadow on the upper eye lids.
    * Use purple and brown like dark in the inner corner of the eyes as they will add a spark to the eyes and give them a charming and stunning look.
    * Always make such a combination of the colors that the colors for the upper eye lids may be some matching to the inner eye corner. Never go on the contrast colors.
    * Now as a final touch apply eye liner. Start a thicker line from the inner and go on making it thinner in the inward corner of the eyes.

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